My Services

What i can do for you ?

Social media is for interacting and engaging with people and building trust for long term which eventually will lead you towards loyal followers ,leads and sales in future.

As a social media manager i will help you with branding, community-building,getting social proof in terms of likes , followers, customer engagement and hopefully in the long term it will come as leads and sales.

My work includes everything from designing , curating , scheduling posts for social media business pages, to ads management (paid Facebook ads) for brand awareness to leads & sales generation. I have ability to not only manage the technical aspects,but also to
help you brand your company better & give it a marketing makeover!

I assure you that your social media management and marketing will be in safe hands. Below is the Detail for all my services.


  • Social Media Auditing & Bench marking For Your Business

***Auditing and bench-marking*** is the first step in any social media campaign , as some wise person once said ” if you are not planning ahead , then you are planning to fail.

Auditing and bench-marking will give very clear idea of where the business is standing in its social media management against its competitors.


  • Strategy & Social Media Accounts Creation for Your Business

Strategy is being deiced based on the short term and long term goals which is very fluid since goals can change but the overall vision stays the same.

Based on the overall vision and goals of the business i will create the appropriate social media accounts, which are anything from 6-20 accounts on different social media platforms for single business.

If needed i will build multiple avenues  of communication  (e.g Facebook profile , business page , business group) on different social media platforms.


  • Content Planning & Creation for Your Business on number of platforms

As mentioned above that Social media accounts will be setup according to the business needs and things will be decided on how much efforts needs to be put in-terms of time & energy and financial commitment (i.e advertising on places like fb ads).

I will plan ,curate,write and schedule Posting on the social media business page and industry related groups, Posts will be eye catching and very creative to increase the engagement,likes for both organic and paid posts.

I normally use built in tools on the platforms like Facebook , twitter but if it gets little overwhelming i can use third party tools like Hoot suite for posting regularly.


  • Social Proof & engagement for your business on different platforms

Most people are really familiar with this part of social media ( posting and commenting).

I will put in my customer services and sales experience to engage people to get your business social proof in terms of  likes , followings , comments , shares.

With my approach and methods they will become long term loyal followers and at some stage can become real customers and leads.



  • Highly Targeted Paid Advertising for Optimal Results on Social Media 

If business goals are such that you can afford to advertise to get leads and sales then i can work out targeted approach for your Facebook advertising , We will spend money wisely and get the benefits on the long term.

I can run campaigns which starts out at very low budget and i would do the split testing on what works and what wont work.According to results  we can go bit more aggressive and throw the money on whats working and chop off whats not working.

Again it was only a general overview and some parts of this strategy would be very fluid in its nature and requires trial and error approach to get the best possible outcome of the method.